LILIANA MONTOYA Fashion Designer, passionate for details , spoiled, Flirty, Romantic and a Dreamer.. Mermaids are real check out my Bikini inspiration.
Funkshion does it again in 2014!
Very sexy runway show. Her swimwear looks very well made which is a plus in the swimwear industry.
We got an interview with the designer and backstage with the hair & makeup team.
M♡NTOYAswimwear Bringing a Beach Life Experience since 2oo6. . Caring About little details Made with lots of L❤VE.


Establish themes of design, color and luxury as a communicating identity between clients and products. Positioning Liliana Montoya as a cosmopolitan brand with tropical roots and Latin based diversity of stamps, influenced by culture reinterpreted in a new version of gaudy and optimistic of live with positives and equilibrium textures adding diversity appliances of brilliant manual and personalized which contribute a glamorous effect, giving a daily luxury without ostentation.
Maintaining a full satisfaction of creating and reinterpretation of products for the new necessities and acquisitive wishes of the multifaceted women that is unnoticed.

Establish designed themes, colors and luxury as a communicative identity and product.

LILIANA MONTOYA signature is a brand inspired in garments with personalization, basic garments with decorative elements, appliances with identities, stamping and tropical style, colorful and latin based illustrations, comics, pop stars, fashion phrases and modern art with a vintage style, patchwork reflected in numerous details of the garments which generate visual impact. With manual labor as embroidery, tape, sequins cannutillos stones, crystals and Shakira swaroskys, without losing our roots. Reinterpreted in a version striking and optimistic of life with a concept with equilibrium of textures with fabrics with thread, wool, cotton, lycra, net, lace, velvet and miscellaneous that apply a glamorous effect, offering a daily luxury without authenticity living on the side the minimalism

Company Overview
Liliana Montoya Philosophy:The Liliana Montoya brand brings to the market a “Fashion Evolution.” The brand is based on the evolution of the Bikini, a small basic garment that was originally created for athletic purposes but is most commonly used today to fashionably enjoy the ocean, the beach and the pool.
General Information


LILIANA MONTOYA Industries was born from the necessities of consumption, with vision Lilliana Montoya brings it to reality in 2006. She initiates operations under her name, with a feminine line, upscale women swim wear. With the objective of offering exclusive products of high quality, design innovation and manual work.

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