Inside Couture TV Show

Inside Couture is a 30 minute fashion TV show about the fashion industry. We are going into the fashion machine to see how it really works. We always see the glitz and glamor, but we want to bring to light all those great professionals who make it all happen. They are given a platform to inform, and discuss all their concerns and all of the highlights in the fashion industry that makes it the great fashion machine that it is.
Our hosts dazzle you with their personalities and excitement about fashion. Our guests come from every aspect of the fashion industry: photographers, models, fashion editors, fashion bloggers, hair stylist, make-up artist, pattern makers, fabric designers, fashion designers, etc… Everything that creates a finished fashionable look, smell, and feel will be in our lineup for this wonderful TV show.
We will be on the runway, at the photo shoot, at the beauty show, at the fabric mills, at the cosmetic counters, boutiques, cologne counters, and everywhere high fashion can be seen. Our topics are informative and dramatic.
Our objective is to give fashion more depth, and more transparency. Mystery is exciting, but knowledge is also very exciting, so we will give you more knowledge along with the mystery. Fashion is full of surprises because the people of fashion are always coming up with their own way of expressing fashion. The art of fashion will always be mysterious and exciting, but to know fashion is to live fashion. If you love fashion you will love “Inside Couture”.

Fashion Designers are the foundation of fashion. Learn more about them.

Models are the stars of fashion.
They show us how to wear a beautiful design to the fullest.

Fashion photographers & Graphic Artist capture fashion in a way that keeps us all facinated by the world of fashion.

Editors & Bloggers of fashion keep us all up to date on what is hot, and what is not!

Hair Designers and Make-up Artist are the key factors of fashion. Without these two elements nothing else will happen.

Designers of Accessory are our best friends in the world! Don’t even think about fashion without shoes, scarfs, jewelry, cologne, hats, boots, belts, tights, etc…It takes a village of accessories to make any and every outfit POP!

Cosmetics & Beauty Health does the body good! We have to prepare our bodies to go on display in this world of fashion. Take care of it and then show it off!