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How One Philadelphia Salon Is Putting an End to Awkward Small Talk

Would you opt for a silent salon experience? By Macaela Mackenzie. Photo by: Getty Images. There are a few staples of the salon experience that are usually non-negotiable: the requisite inspiration image, explaining every conce...

Is Sleeping on Wet Hair Really That Bad? We Have The Answer

Going to bed with wet hair is good for clocking in extra minutes of beauty sleep, but does feeling more awake in the morning mean causing damage to your hair in the process? “Wet hair is in a compromised state and extra care sh...


The Drugstore Hair Products You Need, According to InStyle’s Beauty Team

Salon-styled hair on the regular doesn’t have to cost you salon prices. Expensive doesn’t always equal the results you want, and the key to great strands can be found in the aisles of your nearest drugstore. After all, finding ...

Oil Washing Could Be the Solution to Your Hair Woes

Could oil washing — cleansing your scalp and strands with a facial oil cleanser — be the solution to your dry shampoo fears? Dry shampoo, once an essential beauty staple for busy women, has hit hard times. A Facebook post by Ni...


Karlie Kloss Just Got Bangs for Fashion Week

Doesn’t Karlie Kloss look bangin’? (Photo: Getty Images) More Supermodel Karlie Kloss just pulled a total Ariana Grande and changed up her hair with some newly added bangs. While Kloss might constantly be walking ru...

This Product Is Like ‘Putting Oxygen in the Hair’

When hairstylists pull out a product that’s always in their kit, run and buy it ASAP! While backstage at Mansur Gavriel‘s spring 2017 presentation, Bumble and Bumble global artistic director Laurent Philippon gushed over a a sl...


Lost Your Hair Tie? This Accessory Will Do the Trick

There is a black hole somewhere in the universe filled with lost hair ties. Keeping up with them seems pointless, but what’s a girl to do when she wants to pull her hair back? Here’s a stylish and effective solution we discover...

The Best Protective Hairstyles For Natural Hair This Fall

The end of summer is upon us. And while some may be eager to bask in the cooler temperatures, for naturals, colder weather may mean hair is subject to potential dryness and breakage, which can be quite the scary thought. But ju...


Toothbrush Hacks: 10 Easy Hacks To Brush Up Even Your Worst Beauty Woes

If there is one thing we all have, it’s a toothbrush. (And if you don’t have one, please go get one right now). We use our toothbrush each and every day. Twice a day in fact. Maybe even more. Sure, it’s for ke...

Braid Piercing: The Hottest Hair Trend Hollywood’s It Girls Are Obsessing Over

The world of piercing is nothing new to most fashionistas. Whether it’s the ears, the nose, the belly button or the nipple (hi, Kendall), many of us have taken the plunge and got ourselves some body jewels. But what if we...

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