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Posted June 12, 2017 by Kate Smithe in COVER ME

Elle – Cover for June 2017 – Lorde

The tight body jumpsuit is back!
Cat Woman lives out another one of her nine lives.
You need to be skinny or in shape to wear this one.
Lorde gave it all she had on this one.
She looks so modelicious!

Bottom Line:
Very sexy and model like. Feet need spray tan for a even looking skin tone.

Tank and leggings by Gucci. Bra by Carine Gilson. Shorts by Grlfrnd Denim. Necklace by Cartier. Rings by David Yurman. Ring by Tiffany & Co.

After four long years, pop savior Lorde has soared back onto the charts with a new adult perspective, an experimental sound, and a sophomore effort guaranteed to put all one-album-wonder doubts to rest, once and for all.

For ELLE’s June Women in Music issue, on stands now, Lorde talks breakdowns, her new sound, and exactly what she’ll be doing for the next two years.

Here, a preview of the cover story photographed by Mark Seliger, styled by Samira Nasr, and written by Lizzy Goodman.

On having a private creative process:

“Everyone’s making music in L.A. now—which is great if you aren’t the shyest, most introverted nerd. I found it a little too social. I made my first record in New Zealand with very little discourse—I was just my own unit. In L.A., it’s very, ‘Oh, what project are you working on?’ I was like, ‘I need to be out of this.'”

Jumpsuit and pumps by Dior.

How she balances her celebrity status and personal creative process:

“New Zealand. That’s why I am so passionate about going home. Most of my friends are people I knew before I was famous. I’m very thankful that I never feel like the smartest person in the room, or the coolest person in the room, or the funniest. When I’m there, I’m just there. People forget that I’ve done anything. They say, ‘Ella’s this weird old dowager with a nice house.'”

Photos by Mark Seliger. Styled by Samira Nasr.


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