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Wardrobe Tips

Give Every Item a Home

Once you’ve pared your wardrobe down to just the pieces you want and wear regularly, how you organize them will greatly impact how tightly edited you keep your wardrobe moving forward. The most important rule is to give e...

They May Be Ugly, But Cargo Shorts Are Still King

How else can you comfortably carry a wallet, mobile phone, and keys? People have strong opinions about cargo shorts. Detractors say those bulky pockets are as dorky as fanny packs, or even socks with individual toes. Die-hard w...


Plaid Patterns Are Everywhere This Fall. Here’s How to Wear Them

From the runway to your closet, checks are getting around. September 16, 2016 — 7:00 AM EDT According to the clothes that traveled down the fall/winter 2016 runways, colorful plaid patterns aren’t just for socks and blankets an...

Old Navy Has Big Beauty News

Clothing and accessories chain Old Navy is getting into the beauty business, launching a private-label personal care range created in conjunction with Tru Fragrance called Kindred Goods, WWD reports. The line will launch this T...


The Surprising Way to Organize Your Closet (and Ease Your Morning Routine)

Efficiency rules TWENTY20 Why does it always feel like you have a closet full…of nothing to wear? You’re a lady with good taste. You shop smart. So why is it such a challenge to cobble together a decent outfit every...

Trademarks: The Fashion Girl’s Answer To Tricky Fall Weather

PHOTOGRAPHED BY MICHELLE MOSQUEDA. Few things kill our vibe faster than stepping out in an outfit that makes us feel like a rockstar, only to encounter a downpour that wasn’t in the forecast. Although we run into this sty...


Bring Back The Classic Button Down Shirt This Fall

I love the polished look of a classic button down shirt. You can dress it up or dress it down for an effortless casual look. Recently, I was lucky enough to speak with Emily Evans, Fashion Expert at Ann Taylor and Emily shared ...

How To Layer Your Wardrobe Into Fall

It’s that time of year again. September rolls around, kids are back in school, and the weather starts to cool. Regardless of the fact that Toronto is currently experiencing gorgeous, warm sunny days, the mornings and even...


How To Do Your Makeup For A Job Interview

Job interviews can be tricky. You want to look your best, but you certainly don’t want to be too overdone. In order to make sure you find the right look to land your dream job, we enlisted the help of Violet Grey’s brand ambass...

Can Waist Trainers Lead to Dependency and Mental Health Issues?

One teen experienced some serious side effects from wearing a waist trainer. (Photo: Getty Images) Over the past few years, the Kardashians have seemingly brought waist trainers to the mainstream. The sisters have posted countl...

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