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The Benefit Lip Kit Is the Ultimate Two-In-One

The Benefit Lip Kit Is the Ultimate Two-In-One Move over, Kylie. By Elizabeth Denton. Photos courtesy of brand. Allow us to provide a brief cultural history of this “lip contouring” you hear so much about. About thi...

The Goods Take a deep breath: This is the ENTIRE Selena collection from MAC Cosmetics

Selena fans, please get your bedazzled bras ready. MAC Cosmetics just released official images of the Selena Quintanilla-inspired line and now we are a MILLION more times excited than when we first heard the news that the passi...


Here’s Exactly What Gigi Hadid Eats for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Every Day

What we would give to have [Gigi Hadid](’s life just for a day (sigh). Unfortunately, we can’t snap our fingers and become a world-class supermodel, besties with [Taylor Swift...

Emily Blunt Debuts a New Golden Girl Hair Color for the Michael Kors Front Row

Emily Blunt debuted a sunny new shade of blonde at Michael Kors. By Sophie Schulte-Hillen. Photo: Getty. It’s tempting to declare a blonde vs. brunette battle every Fashion Week precisely because there is an impossible-to-deny ...


Press — Don’t Swipe — Mascara for Eye-Opening Lashes

You can stop swiping layer upon layer of mascara to the full lengths of your lashes, according to Gato, lead makeup artist for Naeem Khan’s Spring 2017 show at New York Fashion Week. We were inspired backstage when the artist n...

This Woman’s Inpiring Selfie Shows How Drugs and Alcohol Dramatically Affect Skin

The striking impact of getting clean shows on this woman’s face. (Photo: Reddit) Two photos, two years apart; one dramatic change. A woman’s recent Reddit post is underlining the very real effects of substance abuse on the skin...


Old Navy Has Big Beauty News

Clothing and accessories chain Old Navy is getting into the beauty business, launching a private-label personal care range created in conjunction with Tru Fragrance called Kindred Goods, WWD reports. The line will launch this T...

Unicorn Makeup Brushes Are Getting Major Buzz Online

The latest beauty product to create a buzz on social media is not something I ever thought I’d see: makeup brushes made to look like unicorn horns. Yes, you read that right. And, in addition to the pearlescent “horn...


Trademarks: The Fashion Girl’s Answer To Tricky Fall Weather

PHOTOGRAPHED BY MICHELLE MOSQUEDA. Few things kill our vibe faster than stepping out in an outfit that makes us feel like a rockstar, only to encounter a downpour that wasn’t in the forecast. Although we run into this sty...

Great Skin Is Way Simpler Than We All Thought

Want to keep your skin healthy-looking and youthful? Would some practical and penny-wise advice appeal to you?  And no, I’m not just talking to the ladies. This is for you guys, too. First, you don’t have to buy exp...

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