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Is Fashion Relying Too Much on Hip-Hop to Stay Relevant?

Nick Grant Mayhem. That’s really the only way people were able to accurately describe the party for Fendi’s launch of their millennial-focused digital platform “F…is for Fendi” back in February. Fo...
Fashion Business

Luca’s Letter – The Truth About Ready-to-Wear

BOF By Luca Solca June 13, 2017 05:29 Designer fashion was once a real business. Now, high exposure to ready-to-wear is a structural weakness for luxury players, argues Luca Solca. LONDON, United Kingdom — Ready-to-wear is beco...


The End of Condé Nast Inks New Partnership with Farfetch

BoF has learned that Condé Nast will refocus its e-commerce strategy via a new partnership with Farfetch. will cease operations, effective immediately. LONDON, United Kingdom — Less than a year after Condé Nast relaun...

What India’s Currency Crackdown Means For Fashion

In an effort to clamp down on corruption, India has withdrawn 500 and 1,000 rupee notes. BoF examines how it could fundamentally change the way people shop.


Why Retail Flagships are No Longer Hot Property

Why Retail Flagships are No Longer Hot Property Fashion district flagships, once considered a traffic and advertising necessity, are losing their importance to retailers. Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York | Source: Shutterstock...

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